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Our Mission for the Website is to:

  • Exalt God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Educate us and others in the fullness of Orthdoxy
  • Encourage others, through the good example, to the path of Orthodoxy
  • Extend loving and helping hands to the needy



Every Sunday Church Service begins at
9:30 a.m. except:

Every Saturday 5:30 p.m. Vesper Service  except November 3rd, November 10th and December 1st.


   Church Service Schedule

November 16th
Holy Liturgy Djurdic 9:30am

November 17th
Fall Seminar 10:00am Social Center

November 18th
Church Slava

November 20th
Great Vigil 5:30pm

November 21st
Holy Liturgy St. Michael 7:30am

November 22nd
Thanksgiving Service 10:00am

November 23rd
Vespers 5:30pm

November 24th
St. Stephen of Decani 5:30pm

December 3rd
Great Vigil 5:30pm

December 4th
Holy Liturgy - The Entry into Temple 9:00am

December 7th
Vespers 5:30pm Advent Retreat

December 8th
Holy Liturgy Advent Retreat 9:00am

December 12th
Talk about our Faith

December 18th
Vespers 5:30pm

December 19th
Holy Liturgy St. Nicholas 7:30am



              Video from our Pilgrimage to Serbia Kosova September 12, 2014.

The last Pilgrimage was to Russia
Oct 1-12, 2011 Below is a short video of pictures that were taken during the trip.

 If you are interested in a pilgrimage, please send an e-mail to or phone the Church office at
. . .
Presentation on Cultural Heritage and Religious Tourism
Church Social Events

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